Mary Ligon, Coffee Bunker Founder

Mary-Ligon-pic-webMary Ligon’s heart and mind took a stark change of direction concerning our military and their families after her own 24-year-old son, Cpl. Daniel Y. Ligon, USMC, returned from his second deployment in Fallujah, Iraq. After his honorable discharge, he returned to Tulsa, clearly disturbed. Struggles with PTSD, depression, sheer exhaustion, and a crumbled marriage all culminated in his death by suicide on June 10, 2007. Mary’s passion is to redeem the tragedy of Daniel’s devastating death, reaching out to others facing the same silent wounds of war.

Mary is a native Tulsan. Her life has been colored in part by living 23 years in the Arab World, as well as 3 years in England. The countries she has lived in include Cyprus, Egypt, Tunisia, England, and Lebanon. Mary has her Certification in Pastoral Counseling from St. John’s Anglican College in Nottingham, England. Mary and Terry have been married 35 years, and have two grown children, one being Daniel’s older sister, the other his younger brother, who also served five years in the U.S. Marines. Mary has received the Community Education Award from Mental Health Association in Tulsa, and 2010 Annual Award from Community Service Council in Tulsa.

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